GUI 2.0 build December 29, 2011
Download the current release of the AutoSOME package. This software is coded in Java to facilitate platform independence and has been tested on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

  • GUI: removed substance.jar dependency due to loss of support. Now employing "Nimbus" look & feel, which has been supported since the Java SE 6 update 10 release. For users with an earlier version of Java, the GUI will activate a system-specific look & feel.
  • Fuzzy clustering: removed duplicate edges from the "_Edges.txt" file to reduce file size and rendering time; now only one unique edge per node pair will be written to the output. This will not change fuzzy cluster behavior since duplicate edges were equally weighted.
  • Command line: In previous versions, the -u argument for invoking sum of squares=1 normalization was erroneously invoking median centering normalization. This bug has been fixed.

  • Previous Releases

    release_032511 (GUI build March 25, 2011)
  • Fixed following bugs in the command line version:
    -AutoSOME hanged after clustering finished.
    -Crashed if input over 1000 lines.
  • fixed file separator issue for non-Windows systems.
  • release_090910 (GUI build September 09, 2010)
    The AutoSOME GUI has graduated to version 2.0! Several major changes have been made:
  • Added Cluster Analysis field to easily switch among clustering rows, columns, or both rows and columns in a single step.
  • AutoSOME now offers a data filtration option (invoked upon loading input)
  • Can now display original data in heat map in addition to normalized data. Go to View>settings>image settings to control this new feature.
  • Easily resize heat map to fit within display window. Either right-click your mouse when hovering over the heat map, or go to View>fit to screen.
  • Input file loading speed and memory usage have been vastly improved.
  • New splash screen!
  • release_072210 (GUI build July 22, 2010)
  • Improved heat map display
  • Added back memory-saving option to write intermediate ensemble runs to disk (see memory in manual)
  • release_050410 (GUI build May 04, 2010)
  • Major improvements made to memory usage
  • Added color bar to heat map view
  • Better heat map rendering
  • release_040110 (GUI build April 01, 2010)
  • Significant improvements to layout and functionality of pixel settings; e.g. can now adjust height of signal plots
  • pixel settings window renamed to image settings and moved to view>settings in menubar
  • Improved rendering of large images
  • Replaced image with table display for raw data
  • release_020910 (GUI build February 09, 2010)
  • folders are now visible when exporting clusters to graphics/text
  • heatmap now displays properly after opening results from saved run
  • release_120909 (GUI build December 09, 2009)
  • improved missing/null value detection
  • more warning/information messages
  • fixed Write Ensemble to Disk to work on Macs

  • release_120109 (GUI build December 01, 2009)
    release_111709 (GUI build November 17, 2009)